About Carré Noir

About Carré Noir

This cult line from Forrest Gump perfectly sums up the mind-set of Mélanie Lemmens and her inspiring, poetic character. For our female artisan chocolate-maker, it is the successive periods of friendship, love, occasional solitude, adventure, enthusiasm, failure and success that define our lives as individuals. Why waste time trying to choose between the different chocolates in the box of life? Just take the chocolates, end of story!

As a child, Mélanie Lemmens dreamt of a Christmas tree that could be kept until Easter and decorated with chocolate eggs.

Since then, the artisan chocolate-maker from Liège has made this dream a reality by creating the Carré Noir brand. With its online store and a workshop boutique nestled in the historic centre of Liège, Carré Noir brings joy to all chocolate lovers.

Mélanie Lemmens showcases chocolate in all its splendour and proves that the star of Belgian specialities is much more than just a sweet treat. With homemade pralines and truffles, including the “Vietnam” – winner of a silver medal at the International Chocolate Awards in London, humorous designer creations, patisserie kits, natural spreads and bars of the finest crus produced from organic and fair trade farming all over the world, the “Femme Chocolat” certainly has more than one string of sweets to her bow!

Taste and colour

Creative and curious, Mélanie Lemmens personally creates every recipe in her range of pralines, taking inspiration from the seasons for their flavours, aromas and textures. And, as chocolate inspires her, she loves coming up with chocolatey ideas inspired by the times, like her now famous chocolate moustaches and “Unicorn Farts”. The chocolate-maker also works regularly with talented designers to develop exclusive products and packaging. 

Her chocolate’s delicious flavours are loved as much by children as by adults seeking nostalgic pleasure. Carré Noir’s magic chocolate wands and moustaches are must-haves for any party. Truly irresistible, they bring a smile to everyone’s face, young and old. And who could resist the delicious Unicorn Farts? It looks good, it tastes good, it’s fun, it’s Carré Noir!

Unicorn Farts are crunchy, crispy treats made with dark chocolate and feuilletine. A real treat for your coffee.

At Carré Noir, traditional orangettes and other citrus fruit sticks, citronnettes, grapefruit sticks and candied ginger are coated in a delicious blend of 70% dark chocolate from Madagascar and the Caribbean.

Carré Noir’s rum-based chocolate drink is served in small chocolate goblets or as a finishing touch to desserts.

Delicious dark chocolate to plunge into hot milk. For a meltingly soft moment of relaxation and joy.

Artisan chocolate-maker Mélanie Lemmens was awarded a silver medal for her “Vietnam” praline in the world finals of the International Chocolate Awards in London.

The original “Vietnam” praline made in Liège by Mélanie Lemmens and its tangy bursts of flavours from Vietnam won over an international jury of head chefs, flavour experts, pastry chefs, cocoa specialists and specialist journalists and bloggers.

This praline, as well as the Dulcey, a fleur de sel caramel, also received a medal at the International Chocolate Awards in Belgium in early 2017.